Current Offers Terms and Conditions

Money Back Guarantee Conditions

At Whitaker Cadre, our customers’ satisfaction is our main priority. We are confident you will be delighted with the services Whitaker Cadre offer. However, we understand that there may be certain circumstances in which our services may not fully meet your expectations to your full satisfaction. That’s why Whitaker Cadre is pleased to be able to offer its customers a free Money Back Guarantee, on certain selected services, subject to certain Money Back Guarantee Conditions set out here.

Where our Money Back Guarantee (the “Guarantee”) operates,  if Whitaker Cadre’s services have fallen short of the commitments and obligations set out in its General Terms and Conditions supplied to you when you appointed us, we will on request provide you with a full refund or credit you with the fees you have paid or owe to us, net of any VAT, subject to the following Money Back Guarantee Conditions:

  • The Guarantee only applies where we provide you with our Fully Managed Service
  • The Guarantee is only available where you have a contract in place with us for a minimum of 12 months
  • The Guarantee shall be limited in all circumstances to a maximum of 6 months’ worth of fees
  • A claim under the Guarantee shall only be considered where it has been made no later than 6 months from the start date of Fully Managed Service contract. No Guarantee claims outside of this period shall be considered
  • The Guarantee shall remain subject at all times to Whitaker Cadre’s General Terms and Conditions
  • The Guarantee shall not apply where Whitaker Cadre has performed all its services and obligations in line with its General Terms and Conditions that were provided to the customer at the start of the contract, or where Whitaker Cadre has been prevented from complying with its obligations due to circumstances beyond its control (Force Majeure)
  • The Guarantee shall not apply where these Money Back Guarantee Conditions and Whitaker Cadre’s General Terms and Conditions have not been observed, complied with or breached by the customer
  • Where there is a conflict between these Money Back Guarantee Conditions and Whitaker Cadre’s General Terms and Conditions, the latter shall prevail, even if this means that the Guarantee shall not apply
  • The Guarantee is offered by Whitaker Cadre by way of a gesture of goodwill and shall be subject to the customer providing us with a detailed description of the circumstances that has led to a claim being made against the Guarantee
  • Whitaker Cadre reserves the right to refuse to fulfil a Guarantee if it holds a reasonable suspicion that the Guarantee offer is subject to abuse