What to do in an emergency… 

Firstly, what is classed as an emergency?
An emergency is ‘any repair necessary to avoid danger to the tenants health or well being or to avoid serious damage to the building or the landlord or tenants belongings’.

Potential Emergencies include:

• No heating and hot water
• A break in
• A serious leak at the property (minor leaks are treated as an urgent repair)

You can call us in the first instance during working hours on 01943 328343

Our working hours are as follows:

Monday – Friday        9.00 – 17.30
Saturday                     9.00 – 16.00

(after 1pm on a Saturday please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can)

At any other time, including Bank Holidays, please refer to the following guidance:

Emergency Contacts

*** PLEASE NOTE: where a Landlord has a maintenance policy this must be used ***

If a landlord has cover with a maintenance policy, eg a British Gas Homecare Agreement, you will be provided with the policy and cover details and will need to contact them direct to arrange a suitable appointment. Please note that in such circumstances the engineers are unable to attend with keys therefore you will need to be present.

When you call one of our emergency contractors they will ask you to describe the nature of the emergency in detail in order to try and provide a telephone fix. Please be prepared to answer their questions. For example, if you report a leak through the ceiling of an apartment please make sure you have checked with your neighbours above whether they have an obvious problem which can be resolved by them.

If you call out a contractor not on the list above you could be liable for costs. If you call out a contractor to attend to an issue which is not an emergency or covered by a maintenance policy you may be liable for the cost of the call out and any labour charges.  Please ensure you read the definition of an emergency above.

NB Please ensure that you know where your stop tap is for water, consumer unit / fuse box is for electric and shut off valve is for gas so that you can isolate the supply before a contractor attends if needed.